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Layer-2 Solution

The simple and simultaneous most sophisticated Ecosystem
DAO, DeFi, AMM & NFTs.

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Technologies behind Obsidium
What is Obsidium?
  • Obsidium is an ecosystem, server-less, cross-chain, layer-2 solution that fuel the crypto space with Web3, DeFi, DAO, AMM & NFTs. It’s benefits include infinite scalability, high throughput sub-second confirmation time, and fees at a tenth of a cent.


    Facilitate education, research, and continued development of the OBS Ecosystem to increase understanding of the public benefit of an incentive driven Web3, DeFi and Metaverse Ecosystem.

  • Open Source

    Open source initiative that invites developers and engineers.

  • Partnerships Matter

    We look forward to new white papers, case studies, and implementations together.

  • Immutable

    Smart Contract written in Solidity Languange and ecrypted on Blockchain Technology.

  • Decentralized

    Access an immutable money market directly on-chain.

  • BEP-20

    Overall Obsidium Ecosystem is bound by the BEP-20 standard.

  • Scalable

    Built on BNB Chain for fast, secure, and low cost transactions.